Opera lo zafferano

Make your plate a work of art!

the meaning of Opera Lo Zafferano

The word opera comes from Latin and means “work”.

And work and labor have always been the basis of my life. The word opera is used in the expression “opera d’arte” (masterpiece) to indicate a work of the highest quality, and quality is what I have always looked for in all the things I do. The word opera is synonymous of melodrama, the opera, a symbol of Italian quality in the world. And music and opera are the work that brought me to Bulgaria, where all began.

OPERA LO ZAFFERANO is all of this.

The Story of Opera Lo Zafferano

OPERA LO ZAFFERANO begins its story in 2016, when I decided to test a dream that had remained in the drawer for years.

That year I bought the first 1000 bulbs. That test was fundamental because from theory I went to practice and I personally followed all the steps: the research and purchase of the bulbs, the search for land, planting and maintenance, the collection of the pistils. At the end I realized that I could do it, I was able to grow and harvest saffron. I knew that with a plantation much larger than the initial one I could not have done everything alone, by myself, but I could always ask for the help of partners, consultants, workers. After some considerations with the partners, the final decision came: so let’s start all together the new saffron adventure.

In 2017 I moved to Bulgaria for work and the first production of Opera Lo Zafferano began in Bulgaria. And, in fact, between 2017 and 2018 the most substantial purchases of Italian saffron bulbs arrived from Umbria.

In 2019 I returned to Italy and the tests and research started again. In 2020 in Gubbio, in Umbria, the first totally Italian production of Opera Lo Zafferano arrived, which can fully boast the quality saffron brand of First Category and Made in Italy. Now the fields of saffron  and production lines of Opera Lo Zafferano (one in Italy and one in Bulgaria) are small, but not too small, they are in full production cycle, so they started to give everything: saffron, problems and worries, waitings and expectations, joys and satisfactions.

Opera lo Zafferano the ethical goal

even without the recognition as an ethical company, has been given an ethical purpose, undertaking to reinvest at least 25% of its profits each year in cultural projects and projects of social value: culture must be cultivated.

Andrea Giacometti

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OPERA LO ZAFFERANO è un Brand di proprietà di Essenze S.r.L., con sede legale a Gubbio, Via Assisana 21. Lo zafferaneto di Gubbio è ubicato in Via del Gelsomino, Località Mocaiana di Gubbio. Il laboratorio di Opera Lo Zafferano è ubicato in Via Tifernate di Gubbio