Products For HOreca

Opera Lo zafferano – Pure saffron in threads

Products for Horeca

MConfections for Horeca and Christmas Baskets

Our baskets are made up of:

  • Saffron packs of 0.30g or 1 g
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate 60%
  • Chickpea, truffle and saffron sauce produced by Tartufi Bartolini
  • Red wine, Passito and Sagrantino Montefalco Cantina Napolini
  • Crescia produced by La Vera Crescia di Gubbio
  • Sausage produced by Azienda Agricola Travagliati – Cantiano (PU)
  • Saffron flavored oil at the Opera
  • Delight honey and saffron
  • Saffron tea for good mood
  • Saffron Cheese at the Opera
  • Pasta Strangozzi La Cima
  • Brecce Rosse EVO Oil
  • Tozzetti at the Opera the Saffron
  • Opera Honey Wildflowers and Acacia

Wildflower Honey

Honey produced by Angel Dimitrov Popov on behalf of Andro 08 OOD in Ovcharovo, Ulitsa 2, Dobrich (BULGARIA)

Angel Dimitrov Popov has been producing honey for 85 years and for three generations.
First Quality Certified Honey

In packs of 500 or 1000g

Tozzetti Almonds and Saffron

Traditional Umbrian tozzetto with almonds flavored with powder and saffron pistils Opera Lo Zafferano                           

Ingredients: Type “0” soft wheat flour, eggs, milk, sugar, margarine, vegetable oils and fats, water, hydrogenated vegetable fats, salt, emulsifiers (mono-and-diglycerides of fatty acids, flavourings, acidity regulator (mixed carotenes), almonds, raising agents (sodium diphosphate, carbonates, sodium acid, starch), flavourings. SAFFRON 1%

Spiced Cheese  at the Opera Lo Zafferano.

Fresh soft cheese made from cow’s milk flavored with saffron powder and pistils Opera Lo Zafferano 

Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, enzymes, saffron Opera Lo Zafferano

Loose Saffron

Pure saffron threads, loose, delivered in glass jars starting from 30 g < /span>

First Category Quality Certification according to ISO 3632-2 standard

“In our saffron you will not find white, yellow or orange but only red saffron!” Place of production: Dobric (BULGARIA)

Spicy scent of citrus, mango  and apricot, delicate flavour

Saffron operates
the ethical end

Opera Lo Zafferano, even without the recognition of ethical company, has given itself an ethical purpose and undertakes to reinvest every year at least 25% of the profits in cultural projects and projects of social utility: culture must be cultivated.

Andrea Giacometti

Make your dish a work of art!

In the kitchen you can use it to enhance the taste of each course, from appetizers to desserts: it gives health, flavor and aroma without adding fat and makes you in a good mood!

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